Day 2

24 January 2017

Connected Living

“As the connected home market gains momentum, solutions will become increasingly sophisticated, creating more value for consumers and for suppliers”. – GSMA

The connected home forms one of the largest sectors within the IoT ecosystem. It accounted for around 25% of the broader IoT market in 2014. This session will cover the future of the connected home and connected car in terms of business opportunities, development and consumer adoption. The Connected Living track will explore the idea of a mobile first approach, the smart home, user experience and monetisation, as well as addressing ideas and concerns around security and consumer anxiety.


Connected Living: Chairs welcome and opening remarks


Keynote Panel: Will 2016 be the Connected Living era?

  • Discussing the current state of the industry and possibilities presented through connected things in homes and cars – What are potential areas of market growth?
  • What are the newest developments: products, devices, technologies?
  • Discussing consumer adoption across the globe and its opportunities and challenges
  • Who are the big players and early adopters in the industry? What companies are on the forefront and how are established/traditional companies reacting to the opportunities the Internet of Everything presents



Monetizing the Machine: Business Models for the IoT

  • Discussing different strategies to enable monetisation and achieve competitive advantage
  • What part does collaboration play and how can partnerships help unlocking revenue potential
  • In what ways can new data sources be utilised to provide new opportunities? What challenges could this also produce?
  • Launch free monetise later? – Discussing different strategies for start-ups to monetise new products
  • Data analytics as a key driver for new business models


Networking Break


Case Study – Making the connected home a reality

  • Background to SmartThings
  • Learnings  to date
  • Plans for 2016
  • Importance of partnerships


Panel: How is the IoT shaping consumer-brand relationships?

  • Exploring how the IoT can create a direct brand-consumer channel.
  • What potential does this IoT ‘channel’ have for multi-way communication and to what extend can it be used for consumer engagement?
  • Using IoT data streams to effectively equip yourself to form closer relationships with the customer
  • Security and privacy necessary for trust-based consumer-brand relationship


Networking Break


Creating a thoughtful home, one product at a time

Francois Girodolle, Head of European Product Partnerships at Nest, will discuss the future of the connected home – one that is safer, more energy-efficient, and more aware of its occupants and surroundings. He’ll discuss how our homes can begin taking care of us instead of the other way around. And he’ll explore the wide-ranging potential impact on our lives and our planet – from automatic energy savings, to helping seniors live independently.


The Internet of “What Ifs”


Panel: Platforms, Smart Meters, Gateways & Hubs: Creating a seamless Connected Home ecosystem

  • Discussing ways to overcome compatibility issues in this fragmented marketplace and ensuring a smooth integration and home setup for customers
  • To what extent can Smart Meters for utilities form a central component of the connected home?
  • What are the benefits of having a closed platform vs. an open platform that brings together developers, device makers and consumer?



Networking Break


Does m-health actually improve health?

  • The barriers to adoption
  • Risks of increasing health inequalities between digital haves and have nots


Panel: The Connected Car for enhanced UX

  • How to develop a business model to not only maximise revenue but grow consumer uptake through a better UX.
  • The reasons why customer experience will drive forward the connected car and how this should be harnessed
  • Explore the platforms, opportunities and methods for success
  • The impact & considerations of car connectivity on safety and next-gen services



Session Close

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