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14 June 2016

Data & Security

“As organizations step into IoT, they must understand the symbiotic relationship between it and big data. For IoT deployments to really make an impact, they must provide some sort of useful tool or service, while also collecting relevant data.” – ZDNet

Data has been described as the glue that holds the Internet of Things together. With a seemingly limitless numbers of connections, the Big Data generated has potential to streamline business processes, improve profit margins, and assist in customer retention and cost reduction. In these sessions we review how businesses can manage IoT generated Big Data for intelligent decision making. This track will delve into both consumer and business concerns over security which have arisen from the increasing connectivity brought about by IoT. With the application of IoT to an infinite number of devices, and the acceleration of the market, we will be exploring the new areas of technology which are responding to these perceived threats.  


Data & Security: Chair’s welcome and opening remarks

. Andrew Brown, Executive Director - Enterprise and IoT Research, Strategy Analytics


Panel: IoT data analytics for intelligent decision making

Björn Böttcher

Senior Analyst | Data Practice Lead

Crisp Research

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Paul Wilson

Managing Director

Bristol Is Open

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  • Identifying target-rich, high-value data that can be used to generate business intelligence
  • Using cloud analytics platforms to derive value from IoT data
  • Discussing the barriers to widespread IoT / Big Data value delivery and how these might be overcome
  • Data in practice – examples of how IoT data is creating business efficiencies and revolutionising working practices
. Björn Böttcher, Senior Analyst | Data Practice Lead, Crisp Research
. Alun Jones, Data Scientist, Konecranes
. Paul Wilson, Managing Director, Bristol Is Open
. Andrew Brown, Executive Director - Enterprise and IoT Research, Strategy Analytics


Networking Break


ARTIK Cloud: It’s All About Data


Vice President of Innovation


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Abstract: IoT is a wonderful promise, but still in its infancy. If connectivity to the “Internet” is pretty much here, interconnectivity and interoperability is not. We are unveiling the work that has been done in Samsung over the past three years in order to offer an original solution to break the silos in which our “Things” still live and to provide really useful services and applications to end users .

. Dr. Luc JULIA, Vice President of Innovation, Samsung


Internet of Things – Transforming real world into a mega data source

Pierluigi Fasano

Director, Head Enterprise Architect Reinsurance

Swiss Re

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  • The connected world and implications for people and busines
  • Why do we need a new computing paradigm to handle these data
  • The positioning game: Risk and opportunities
. Pierluigi Fasano, Director, Head Enterprise Architect Reinsurance, Swiss Re


Networking Break


Smart cities in the IoT era

Matteo Beccaro

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Opposing Force S.r.l.

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  • Smart Cities technologies taxonomy
  • Smart Cities threats and nightmares
  • Smart Cities technologies security assessment
  • A real-world case study
. Matteo Beccaro, Chief Technology Officer & Founder, Opposing Force S.r.l.


Tackling data security and privacy challenges of the IoT

  • Understanding the unique challenges of security for the IoT, and preparing for the next evolutions of the technologies involve
  • Addressing the risks of big data – greater volume of sensitive data creating a greater risk of data and identity theft, device manipulation, data falsification, IP theft and server/network manipulation etc.
  • Enabling data security in IoT – protecting integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of information
  • Exploring issues of privacy – to what extent users require privacy, and how it can be maintained whilst still making data useful
. Dr. Dave Raggett, Fellow, W3C


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