Why Interoperability and Open Standards Matter for the IoT

By: Steve Jones

12, October, 2016


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There continues to be considerable discussion about the Internet of Things (IoT) and what is needed for it to achieve its potential. The reality is that IoT devices will require “more” moving forward: They will need more performance, more capability, more memory, more connectivity, more sensors, more security, etc., but with “less”— lower power consumption, lower cost and smaller packages. They also have to be able to communicate with each other and be interoperable.

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Solving these challenges is where open-system standards and organizations like the IPSO Alliance come into play, and where we can have the most impact. Open standards and the organizations participating in such efforts work to develop the ideas that will allow the IoT to become a reality; they are able to contribute their collective knowledge to “make it work.” Further, open-system standards offer the only way to achieve the economies of scale required to make the IoT financially possible.

The IPSO Alliance, through its work on data semantics, security, services and protocols, is enabling IoT devices to communicate, understand and trust each other with global interoperability based on open standards. On October 18, we will be hosting our first Open House to raise industry awareness about our work to develop the IoT from the device level, leveraging open standards.

So then the question is; once the open-system standards are defined, will the IoT be full steam ahead? The reality is that standards organizations establish the goals and targets, and identify and develop the path forward, but it will always fall to commercial organizations to productize this work and make the IoT come to fruition. Not surprisingly, perhaps, a number of our member companies who will join our meeting will then move on to the IoT Tech Expo, where they will offer their perspective on how they are leveraging IoT standards and development efforts, including IPSO’s, to inform their commercial activities.

For example, Sigma Designs’ Bill Scheffler will present the IPSO Alliance’s perspective on the current state of the industry in a panel that will examine the possibilities presented through connected things in homes and cars. Member company Synapse Wireless will offer an industrial IoT perspective via Jonathan Heath’s presentation on “Why Software is Eating the IIoT” and Johnny Thorington’s insights as part of the panel on “Creating the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory of the Future.” Finally, Ayla Networks’ Rod McLane, another IPSO member, will have the opportunity to talk about its success as an IoT start-up as part of the Developing & IoT Technologies track.

If you happen to be coming to Silicon Valley a couple of days earlier that week, we are inviting all IoT Tech Expo visitors to join us at the IPSO Alliance Open House on Oct. 18 at 3pm. This is great opportunity to learn about the Alliance and see additional member demonstrations, including those from STMicroelectronics, Micrium, Synapse Wireless and IoTerop. For additional Open House details and registration please visit: http://www.ipso-alliance.org/fall-2016-member-meeting-guest-registration/

Finally, we wanted to share a quick guide to IPSO Alliance and member participation in IoT Tech Expo, so you can find them at the show!

Synapse Wireless: Stand 170   Ayla Networks: Stand 200


Oct 20, 11:50 AM

Connected Industry Track | Why Software Is Eating the IIoT

Jonathan Heath, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Synapse Wireless

October 20, 12:20 PM

Connected Industry Track | Panel: Creating the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory of the Future

Moderated by: Christopher Caen, Publisher, ReadWrite, Johnny Thorington, CTO & VP/GM of Core Technology Solutions will represent Synapse Wireless Inc.

October 21, 12:20 PM

Connected Living Track | Keynote Panel: Are we entering the Connected Living era?

Moderated by: Neil Strother, Principal Research Analyst, Navigant, Sigma Designs’ Bill Scheffler will represent IPSO

October 21, 2:10 PM

Developing & IoT Technologies Track | IoT Start-up success stories

Madison Maxey, Founder, Loomia

Rod McLane, Senior Director Marketing, Ayla Networks


Author: Christian Légaré, President and chairman, IPSO Alliance

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