New research argues missed opportunities for operators around data and content

By: James Bourne

13, March, 2017


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More than two thirds of brands say telecoms operators are a better original source of data insights than Google, Apple and Samsung, according to a new study from Synchronoss Technologies.

Yet the study, undertaken by analyst firm Ovum and which went live during Mobile World Congress (MWC) last week, also found a twist: almost half (48%) of the 300 brands polled from the US, UK and France admitted they were not aware of operators’ ability to offer such insights.

We’ve known for years that operators are sitting on a gold mine of contextual customer data,” said Ted Woodbery, VP comms and media marketing at Synchronoss. “Studies have estimated the market to be worth potentially billions of dollars. But no one’s looked at this from the brand’s perspective – and it’s good news for telcos.

Google (59%) and Facebook (52%) are the primary brand partners for data insights and digital advertising according to the research, yet almost two thirds (64%) of those who do use telco data to underpin their digital advertising say that it is ‘of high quality’ and ‘compelling’. The report also found that brands have a good perception overall of telco data, understanding that the most compelling aspect of it is its value as a whole, as opposed to individual parts such as real-time location and billing and network intelligence.

“Operators must arm their data with analytics and tagging if it is to lead to better digital experiences, sharper engagement and better monetisation.”

Brands would be willing to pay a premium for data and capabilities that result in better targeting, Synchronoss adds. “These findings offer significant encouragement to telecom operators, especially as global digital advertising revenues from brands are set to soar,” added Woodbery. “Operators must arm their data with analytics and tagging if it is to lead to better digital experiences, sharper engagement and better monetisation.

This echoes another study, which also dropped during MWC, from Upstream around another untapped opportunity for operators in the form of digital services in emerging markets.

The study, again put together by Ovum, found that only 12% of the 4,000 consumers polled in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa said they viewed operators as their main provider of digital services. The report noted the importance of trust which operators seem to have – 62% of respondents said they trust them more than any other provider when delivering digital content services – as well as the balancing act which needs to be performed. One third (32%) said they would consume more digital services if the right mix of promotion, from loyalty schemes to free services and discounts, was in place.

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