How to make your IoT applications wireless

By: Sarah Wheeler

8, May, 2017


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Guest Blog: Interview with Simon Chudoba, CEO at IQRF Alliance

What is the IQRF Alliance and how long has it been running?

Interview with Simon Chudoba, CEO at IQRF Alliance

IQRF Alliance is an international community of developers, manufacturers, system integrators, universities, research and innovation centers and business professionals using the IQRF wireless technology. The technology is used for IoT control and M2M communication.

It was founded in 2014 as a supporting community for new wireless IoT projects using IQRF technology.

You are talking about IQRF technology. Can you tell us more about it?

IQRF® is a complex technological solution allowing electronics manufacturers to innovate their product, equip the product with wireless connectivity and also have the option of a connection with the rest of the world through Internet. The IQRF is the ideal solution for wireless “mesh” networks.

IQRF operates on sub gigahertz ISM bands to collect small data from devices and/or to control them. Extremely low power consumption of this platform enables devices to work on batteries for many years.

It has been developed by MICRORISC company, Czech company, since 2004. IQRF wireless technology was awarded a significant scientific award – Česká hlava – in 2014. With this technology, it is possible to cover huge areas, reliably and securely, including parking places, industry and automation halls, shopping centers, streets with lights, etc.

Where is it possible to find real applications?

There are hundreds of thousands devices running on the mature technology since 2008. You can find parking places monitored and controlled in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary. Some partners in the UK use IQRF as a core wireless technology for data transfer in embankments monitoring, and partners in Mexico use it in shopping malls.

If you would like to learn more, the IQRF Alliance will be exhibiting at the IoT Tech Expo Europe in Berlin next month, and you can visit them at stand 291. The exhibition is free to attend, you simply need to register for a Free Expo Pass via the website.

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