How the IoT is making cities smarter and more efficient

By: Advantech

23, October, 2017


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IoT and sensing technologies are improving our quality of life in many ways, from intelligent transportation, to smart street lighting, to smart medical services, to smart metering; making cities into smarter, more efficient cities that offer new convenience and innovative services.

Smart Metering Underway

Riding the digital tide, many public utilities have started to test smart metering of power, water, gas or other energies, using integrated sensors and communication devices that enable real time data acquisition, automatic billing, cloud-based management, and event-triggered notifications.

Advantech will be speaking and exhibiting at the IoT Tech Expo North America 2017 on November 29-30 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.

Cloud-monitored Energy Consumption

With smart meters, the utilities can monitor energy consumption from a remote dashboard, visualizing data collected from households, companies, and other users, without on-site visits and manual recording. Bills can be generated automatically and efficiently while cumulative data can be analyzed and historical trends can be graphed to provide insights for decision-making on energy-saving plans in pursuing a smarter and greener city.

Value Added Services Can Be Built Up

Further innovative services can be developed by system developers or 3rd party application providers. For example, specific users may review their power/water/gas usage bills with a dashboard displayed on web browser-based devices such as computers, smartphones or iPads. Control algorithms can also be implemented at the device-end to enhance safety–for instance, a digital gas meter can trigger a supply shutdown if it detects gas leakage or wildly abnormal use.

Advantech-Arm Partnership Provides IoT Solutions

As a leading supplier in the embedded computing market, the Advantech Embedded-IoT Group not only delivers a wide range of embedded design-in services, but also develops integrated IoT solutions and services that assist customers in minimizing uncertainty and risk as they enter the IoT market. Advantech has initiated an IoT partnership program with ecosystem partners including Arm.

Advantech will be exhibiting at the IoT Tech Expo North America in Santa Clara, CA on November 29-30 – visit them at booth #430 to learn more about our IoT solutions. Gus Molina, IoT Solutions Architect at Advantech will also be joining the panel ‘Creating a seamless connected building ecosystem: in the home, hospitality and the workplace‘ on the IoT Innovations & Technologies track on November 29 at 1:30pm. This conference track is free to attend – simply register for a Free Expo Pass.

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