Interview: 5 Questions with Sacha Deshmukh, Chief Executive at Smart Energy GB

By: Sarah Wheeler

1, March, 2019


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Could you define what your job role details and your day to day routine?

I am Chief Executive of Smart Energy GB. We are the organisation set up by government to talk to every household in Great Britain about why it’s so important that we digitise the energy system and all of us get smart meters in our homes.  As we are talking to everyone, we use a very wide range of channels, so my day to day is a very varied mixture. Sometimes I have to be up early in the morning to appear on breakfast TV, then later in the day I will be looking at TV ads or digital campaigns in development, and then in the evening I might be in Parliament talking to MPs about the importance of supporting the policy framework we need to see an explosion of opportunity via the internet of things.

How is your organisation applying IoT?

We are leading voices to point to the opportunity that IoT presents for the country, and encourage powers that be to support the enabling frameworks that we will need to allow us to really maximise the potential of IoT.  We also spend a lot of time talking to more vulnerable audiences for who IoT can seem scary about how they too can benefit and embrace new tech.

What were the biggest challenges in using this technology?

Much of the UK in particular still relies on analogue infrastructure.  That’s why my organisation is trying to get every householder in the country to be part of digitising the connections to our homes – without this we face the danger of having a connected majority but a significant disconnected (and discontented) minority.

What can we expect from Smart Energy GB in the next 12 months?

We are active across the country talking about the need to digitise the energy connections in all our homes, to allow energy to sit at the heart of the IoT future.  You may know us from our Gaz & Leccy campaigns of the last few years.  This year expect us to really be bringing to life how embracing new tech is critical for the future of our economy, for our communities and even the future of our planet.

What can we expect from IoT in the next 12 months?

An explosion of access, if not in the next 12 months then in the next 24 months. I think we stand on a tipping point when IoT moves from being the preserve of excited geeks like me, to the heart of mainstream ways of living for us all.

What are you most looking forward to at the show?

Even though I am speaking I am actually most looking forward to hearing from the people at the show, there is going to be a sea of great ideas and visions for the future, I want to lap up everything I hear.

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You can hear Sacha speak at the IoT Tech Expo Global on Friday 26 April within the Smart Buildings & Energy conference:

Friday 26 April, 14:30 – 15:00: Smart Meters for Utilities

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