6 Questions with Sudhir Pai, Former MD at Schlumberger and Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Technology Collaboration Center

By: Lia Richards

28, August, 2019


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Sudhir Pai is the Chairman, Board of Directors, Technology Collaboration Center, based in Houston, Texas. He recently completed an illustrious and exciting career at Schlumberger as Managing Director, Robotics Services Business. He has strong interests in energy, renewables, space, robotics drones and everything digital. He has held a variety of management, technology and business leadership positions within Schlumberger, including VP & GM of Completions business, GM of Schlumberger operations Mumbai India and more recently MD at Liquid Robotics Oil and Gas (LROG), a Schlumberger start-up JV.

In advance of his speaking session at the IoT Tech Expo North America in Santa Clara, CA this November, we ask Sudhir key questions around IoT and his thoughts on the future of IoT and the Technology Collaboration Center.

Could you define what your job role details and your day to day routine?

Understanding the strengths of the 3 key industries that make up the area we live: Energy, Life Sciences and Space/Low earth orbit. And understanding the similarity and diversity they bring.

How is your organisation applying IoT?

I will speak more about the industry and it is all about understanding best practices; the aim is to use AI in its various forms to maximise the use of data, the one available and that which needs to be acquired.

What were the biggest challenges in using this technology?

I think the biggest challenge is the optimum use of data:

  • • When not available how do we ensure we get what we want?
  • • When available in abundance how do we maximise its usage? As often we hear we have too much data and use less than 10% of what we acquire.
What can we expect from Technology Collaboration Center in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months we will aim to take the Center to a new level by undertaking projects focused at specific cross industry challenges like Imaging, Robotics, Automation etc.

What can we expect from IoT in the next 12 months?

A strong focus on AI and Machine Learning so as to take the load off experts, allowing them to then focus more on analysis and less on actual processing.

What are you most looking forward to at the show?

A first hand exposure to the diversity of technology and businesses on display at the show and stay up to date with them.

Find out more

You can hear Sudhir Pai speak at the IoT Tech Expo North America 2019 within the ‘Developing for the IoT conference track on November 13th at 3:10pm on the topic of ‘Partnerships for Productivity‘:

It is evident that the IoT space has not nearly achieved its full potential or peak productivity and it seems that the key to its success is vendors creating strategic partnerships so that the users can interact with clearly defined partners, in turn allowing for the most effective experience with the technology.

What is the future for this notion; are we able to share and share alike and what are the limitations?

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