OpenText and the enablement of new business models via IOT

By: Megan Davis

28, October, 2020


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The IoT Tech Expo Team spent some time with Bob Slevin, Senior Manager, Product Marketing – IoT at Open Text. OpenText are Gold Sponsors of the upcoming IoT Tech Expo North America Virtual! Click here to learn more.

  1. How is your company applying IoT and disruptive technologies?

OpenText brings IoT data to Enterprise Information Management teams delivering pervasive visibility to tactical and operating technology (OT) and enable new business models and to build adaptive supply chains.

How do we do this?  The OpenText IoT Platform orchestrates disparate IoT, OT, and application data sources to provide a centralized data hub which enables actionable insights

2. What do you see as the biggest challenges, and/or benefits in using IoT technology?

Integrating tactical IoT solutions to enterprise applications and securely orchestrating the data streams to the appropriate stakeholders.  Over permissioning is a big problem with IoT.  The best and most secure IoT solutions disseminate data to the caring and the qualified.  Spamming the uncaring can ruin an IoT solution before it can show some ROI.  And allowing the unqualified to have access to machine or process data that could be intellectual is disastrous as is allowing an unqualified technician to act upon the data, which poses a host of other risks.  This is why we at OpenText start with an identity-centric approach to IoT.

3. What advice would you give companies to stay competitive/ innovative throughout this pandemic?

Kick the science projects from the proof of concept stage to the real world.  The time is now to work and engage your customers in a new and exciting way.  Find a new way to interact with employees, partners and customers.  Leverage and exploit the consumerization of IT to realize new business models.

4. What is your company’s roadmap for the rest of 2020 and what should we expect to see from your team in the next 12 months?

Currently, we are laser focused on improving supply chain operations.  Our latest release to the OpenText Internet of Things platform will enable supply chain managers to bind, orchestrate and integrate B2B data (e.g. OpenText Active Orders) to IoT-sourced supply chain data.  This will deliver end to end shipment visibility and give supply chain managers the tools they need to react, adapt and build resilient supply chains.

5. Who is your hero/mentor in this space: what lessons have you learned from them and how have you applied them in your career?

One of my mentors in this space is a former boss, Danny Johnson (with Verizon).  Danny is incredibly gifted technologist and a genuinely caring leader.  He taught me that there is more to this life than 1’s and 0’s.  He was my boss during a tough time in my life, I had lost my father to cancer and he not only prayed with me but understood that I needed to care for family and that some projects can be delayed.  Leaders allow their team to care for and deliver the corporate mission but not at the sake of the individual’s or their family’s well-being.  And I follow that lead.  

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