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Presentation: Digital Twin – The technology evolution and the revolution

Join Garima Singh, Chief Architect at Sandvik to explore:

  • What is digital twin and its evolution stages
  • Knowing where to utilise digital twin technologies – when to implement them and the steps for a successful result.
  • Simulation and digital twins – where does the accountability lie?
  • How to grow the implementation of digital twins across industries.
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Presentation: Digital Twin – The technology evolution and the revolution

  • The Data-Intelligent Ecosystem: Uncover the pivotal role of data in enabling automation to deliver actionable insights and improved performance
  • Rethinking the Workforce: Learn how the collaboration between humans and AI elevates productivity and ignites innovation
  • Demystifying Automation Adoption: Explore the significance of low-code technologies in democratizing automation and driving rapid implementation
  • Elevating Efficiency with Hyper-automation: witness the game-changing impact of hyper-automation, redefining organizational capabilities for the digital age.
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Presentation: An IoT solution to help water utilities ‘find’ their lost water

• Reducing non-revenue water is a top priority for utilities across America and around the world.

• Successful implementation of IoT solutions can potentially provide water utilities with the data they need to identify leaks or breaks in their water infrastructure sooner and more accurately, which can significantly reduce the volume of water lost.

• Our solution was pilot tested with a water utility in Ohio, where the leak detection solution showed excellent results.

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Panel: The Ins and Outs of Device Security

• How does the sheer diversity of IoT devices provide challenges to security teams?

• Understanding the risks associated with the management of IoT devices by disparate teams within the organization.

• Which IoT devices have the highest share of security issues and what makes them so susceptible to these issues?

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Panel: The Next Frontier for Industrial Digitalization

• Digitalising the factory floor – getting the digital transformation steps right to implement fully autonomous processes.

• Optimizing lean processes through digital technologies.

• Leveraging predictive analytics to stay ahead of potential errors or failures.

• A sustainable focus on products and services – the advantages of a circular economy approach.

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Presentation: New Services with eSIM

• What eSIM offers that other connectivity solutions don’t – the opportunity for interoperability.

• A look at the capabilities of device connectivity over a range of sectors.

• Is a change in the telecom business models still needed for wider adoption of the technology?

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Panel: A Holistic Approach to the Connectivity Landscape

• Aligning customers’ needs across the connectivity space – knowing what you need for both short- and long-term device/ service lifecycles.

• The limitations of current connectivity solutions for enterprise infrastructures.

• Convergence and interoperability for optimized solutions by combining different technologies including LoRaWAN, NBIoT, satellite, 5G, eSIM etc.  Providing the right connectivity for the right use case, not a one size fits all approach.

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