4 neXt Technology Systems
Stand No: 437

4next conceive, design and produce products for data acquisition and management.
At a time when data is paramount, we must take care to gather it reliably and consistently from where it originates and then stream it to the end user.

We have solutions for every need, scalable and suitable for any application: from the entry-level solution for data acquisition to programmable systems capable of collecting vast amounts of data, processing it and streaming it remotely. We also offer products that can operate in environments with extreme temperature and vibration.

The news we brought to the show are two-fold:

EasyLog, which collects data from any instrument that communicates with the ModBus protocol, very easy to use, compact in size and considerably cost effective.

The second novelty is the new Owa450, an open platform based on Linux operating system, easily programmable thanks to an API suite that is a series of utilities to facilitate the implementation of any type of application.
Owa450 owa 450 is equipped with a wide range of devices like Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, 2G/3G modem, Ethernet, CANBus, Serial port and GPIO’s.
This product, in addition to collecting the data, is able to perform data analytics and preprocessing before sending them to a specific location.