Stand No: 124

Ambiosfera, Lda is a company with a strong environmental component and advocates for the development of sustainable societies.

In a society ever more conscious of future challenges for the continuation of human activity, the entrepreneurial world is trying to internalize good environmental practices in its management procedures at a very fast pace. This will allow the creation of sustainable growth while ensuring prosperity to future generations.

Ambiosfera gathered a motivated team, with strong ideologic foundations, giving its clients a professional and impartial approach. We always look for the best solution for each challenge proposed to us and develop specific action plans in order to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our focus is developing easy-to-deploy solutions supported by emerging technologies to help our customers achieve all the environmental and sustainability goals they require today.

We want to partner with others and become part of the solution by creating solutions backed by our research and technological development, to create a strong and safe economy based on good environmental practices