Stand No: 521

BACE is a brand under the established company of Evalan, and is the critical link for many IoT implementations. With BACE, IoT solutions can be created faster. BACE consists of a module and an application in the Azure cloud that acts as IoT Connector. The module can be integrated with products, devices and systems, and is a ready-to-use, quick to deploy solution.

BACE can be configured remotely through a Management Portal to read and write exactly the data registers that you choose, at the frequency you specify. BACE delivers the key functions that are needed for IoT solutions, such as: data transfer, security, over-the-air updating and provision. With the operational management portal that is part of the cloud application, the implementation is easily scalable.

For IoT initiatives that want to shorten the development process, make use of a proven solution, and avoid vendor lock-in, BACE is the optimal choice. Build a connection everywhere, with BACE.