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Experts in IoT LoRaWAN Technology, specialising in sales and fulfilment.  Our focus delivering reliable and customised devices unique to your client’s needs.

Concept13 stands as Europe’s foremost expert in LoRaWAN Technology. Our extensive range of services includes the highest quality LoRaWAN consultancy, sales of cutting-edge LoRaWAN sensors and gateways, as well as comprehensive management of complete LoRaWAN networks. Our specialized LoRaWAN Fulfilment Services go the extra mile by offering fully configured, branded, thoroughly tested, and packaged solutions, all set for immediate deployment.

At Concept13, we take care of delivering IoT Technology, allowing you to concentrate on providing the perfect solutions for your clients.

At the core of our vision is the unwavering commitment to supporting clients at every stage of their LoRaWAN journey. We are dedicated to assisting organizations, regardless of their size, from the initial stages and early adoption of LoRaWAN technology to achieving long-term market success. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring that our clients thrive in the world of LoRaWAN, regardless of their organizational scale.

Our Fulfilment service ensures a seamless experience with the following features:

• We maintain a ready stock of the latest LoRaWAN-certified Sensors and Gateways.
• Hardware is meticulously configured, provisioned, and tested with live traffic.
• Optionally, devices can be branded and labeled specific to your business.
• We offer pre-provisioned deployment packs for rapid same-day distribution.
• Everything is backed by an extended warranty of 3 years with instant replacement.
• With direct access via a single point of contact for anything LoRaWAN related.

Contact Steven Drewett on 0333 335 0345 to discuss your project.