Conrad Connect
Stand No: 635

Conrad Connect is a fast-growing, award-winning IoT solution platform for Smart Living. The platform enables users to connect different smart devices, apps and services in a single cloud application and automate complex workflows through projects. The goal of Conrad Connect is to make life easier for the users by the power of IoT.

The one-of-a-kind Service Marketplace provides unique digital services to the users which they can book and use in free combination with their smart devices. Predictive maintenance, automatic replenishment, smart security, energy monitoring, or a simple pizza delivery service triggered by a smart button? This is all possible on Conrad Connect, and can easily be created and launched by our partners via our Developer Portal.

Our platform already integrated thousands of different smart devices from more than 70 brands, and has a quickly growing user base of more than 270k users. We are on track to become the most popular IoT project platform in Europe soon! For further information visit, and sign up to the platform for free!