Conrad Connect
Stand No: 561

Conrad Connect is a fast-growing, award-winning IoT platform for Smart Living and for Smart Businesses. The platform allows end users and business partners to build custom digital solutions easily, on the basis of a fully open and scalable ecosystem.

The recently introduced Conrad Connect Business Solutions concept provides full-scale support to those partners who want to grow their business by the power of IoT.

  • Conrad Connect Professional

Start your IoT project on the Conrad Connect platform in a quick and cost-efficient way, and realize benefits instantly on the field of e.g. asset monitoring,  building  automatization, smart notification or ticketing, and many more.

  • Conrad Connect Partnerships

Integrate your hardware or app product to the Conrad Connect ecosystem or offer your digital service on our Service Marketplace. Either way you will instantly get access to all benefits of a quickly growing platform with 80+ partner brands and 350k+ users.

  • Conrad Connect As-a-Service

Use the power of our platform and offer it for your end customers under your own brand. You can either use a customized version of our web application or implement the platform features directly into your app.