Stand No: 254

At CrateDB, we are passionate about data. We believe that in a modern world full of data, getting immediate access to the insights you need is essential. That’s why we are on a mission to provide companies with reliable and scalable database technology where response time is never an issue, regardless of the complexity, volume and velocity of data.

Our enterprise-grade product is a distributed SQL database that offers both high performance, high scalability, ease of use and optimized footprint.

  • High performance: Response-time in milli-seconds / Read-write intensive / Data available for query instantly after ingestion / Aggregations on the fly / Full-text search
  • High scalability: From one to hundreds of nodes / Both read & write intensive / Any type of data / Flexible data schema at runtime.
  • Ease of use: Standard SQL / PostgreSQL Wire Protocol for 3rd party integrations
  • Optimized footprint: Built-in high availability / Multiple deployment models with Edge capabilities / Worry-free operations / Cost-efficient architecture / Low carbon footprint.

CrateDB offers a robust solution for multiple needs, such as real-time analytics, industrial IoT, application backend, time-series, log analytics, geospatial data, digital twins, AI/ML.
CrateDB is trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide, ranging from innovative startups to large established brands. CrateDB has offices in the Silicon Valley and in several European countries.