Fahrrad Jaeger

We love bikes. We hate thieves. And we believe in the greatest community of the world: us cyclists. Therefore we develop the coolest watchdog ever – insect.
Insect is the first bicycle theft protection device that comes with full community support to operate as a live-theft-protection-system. It attaches to the bike and connects it with the smartphone of its owner as well as with the thousands of smartphones of all crowd members. We designed it uncompromisingly for bicycle use, high performance and extreme safety.
With community GPS we build in an amazing function, that allows to locate stolen bicycles through the help of other crowd members.
Cyclists are facing the following problems:

1. They need to sustain high yearly losses through bike thefts.
2. Gone is gone. Cyclists have no possibility to get to know about their bike’s whereabouts.
3. Missing visual contact. Cyclists normally cannot have an eye on their parked bikes.
Insects comes with the following solutions:

1. Connected bike: Push-alarm to nearby community members in case of theft
2. Community GPS: location updates through community members after theft
3. Earn money: world’s first full automatic finders reward system

Focus on the bright things, while insect cares for your safety.