Stand No: 71

FundingBox presents the European Commission funded projects looking to fund tech talents working on IoT, 5G and 6G developments, and bold SMEs willing to adopt these technologies: TARGET-X and NEPHELE -both Gold Sponsors of the IoT Tech Expo Europe-.

TARGET-X will offer up to €60,000 to SMEs within the manufacturing, energy, automotive and construction sectors, willing to integrate 5G and 6G technologies to help build new applications that bring value to the 5G infrastructure.

NEPHELE will offer €76,000 for innovators and developers to develop a set of virtual objects, composite virtual objects (including the Digital Twin concept), and generic IoT enablers.

NEPHELE and TARGET-X are co-managed by FundingBox, the leading distributor of European Public Funds for tech innovation, with a 10-year track experience in funding management, and €85 million equity-free funds under management to be distributed amoung inspiring startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs, among others.

Today, FundingBox comes to you with two funding opportunities around 5G, 6G and IoT – TARTGET-X and NEPHELE- visit us in Booth No. 71 and in our talk:

“Get Public Funding for Your Tech SME: A Quick and Easy Guide”.