Stand No: 479

The main goal of HARDWARIO is to help others with IoT innovations, especially in the field of hardware development and manufacture and integration. We have invested years of experience and knowledge into a unique system of electronics engineering and manufacturing focused on the Internet of Things – HARDWARIO BLOX. We use agile methods and several hardware platforms to do this. The flagship is the open-source IoT kit BigClown that can be used for prototyping, pilot projects and home projects. It offers a massive number of IoT devices, including LPWAN modules such as NB-IoT, LoRaWAN and Sigfox.

A combination of the agile methodology altogether with the verified hardware and software components makes it possible to deliver IoT projects in a short period. Typically, we complete a project within three months.

Today HARDWARIO delivers thousands of products to satisfied customers, solves dozens of business projects, and promotes IoT at many conferences and exhibitions. It brings real-world products and applications that prove that IoT is not just a fashion wave without any benefits but a real move that changes our lives for the better.