Stand No: 25

i4Trust provides a complete framework which, combined with education, coaching and initial funding, will boost the creation of Data Spaces for trustworthy and effective data sharing. Ecosystems of collaborating SMEs and supporting DIHs will emerge in a sustainable way around such Data Spaces, where innovative services will flourish around the implementation of new data value chains.

i4Trust brings an integrated suite of mature open standard-based technology building blocks coming from FIWARE and iSHARE. Data Spaces built based on the i4Trust technology framework can be governed relying on business/legal, operational and organisational agreements like the ones defined in the iSHARE Trust and Legal Framework.

i4Trust value proposition will contribute to building trust with data users and data suppliers by supporting 30 Bottom-up Experiments (BuEs) that will involve at least 150 SMEs and 30 Digital Innovation Hubs. i4Trust will help them understand the demand for data, establishing data sharing partnerships, identifying concrete use cases relying on trusted sharing of data, by adopting user-friendly and proven technology building blocks, as well as governance agreements covering all business/legal, operational, and organisational aspects in Data Spaces.