Kaunas University of Technology
Stand No: 296

Welcome to Kaunas University of Technology – the largest technological university in the Baltics. Known for its linkages with business, leadership in scientific research, flexible interdisciplinary study programmes and unforgettable study experience, KTU is fast forwarding to becoming an internationally acknowledged institution of higher education.

KTU is situated in Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania, which is a significant centre of industry, transport, science and culture. Dating back to 1922, the University has developed a great potential for studies and research, and became visible in the international arena.

KTU is famous throughout the world for its breakthroughs in ultrasound, organic chemistry, mechatronics, system diagnostics, environmental engineering and in many other fields of science. The University successfully implements European education programmes and closely collaborates with Lithuanian and foreign industry. University scientists carry out 70 per cent of country’s higher education researches for business.

Currently, Kaunas University of Technology is successfully moving forward to become the university of science and innovations, which would provide effective cooperation among the studies, science and business.

Since its establishment in 1922, University has had more than 130,000 graduates.

Are you looking for technology or invention for the improvement or commercialization of your projects? We can help!

Annual KTU Research, Development and Innovation activities:

  • ~5 million turnover in euros
  • 500+ contracts
  • 50+ IP contracts

We provide:

  • Clarification of issues faced by the company, development and implementation of scientific results into business.
  • Joint implementation and management of R&D&I projects from idea to implementation
  • Free consultations on the EU structural and national financing instruments for the promotion of research-business partnerships and joint projects.
  • Consultations on the issues of intellectual property and technology patents analysis.
  • Possibilities to acquire the licenses of the inventions, patents or technologies developed at the University.
  • Consultations on the topics of team building, the establishment of the company, and business development.

Research, related to medical fields, includes:

  • health monitoring,
  • medical information processing,
  • (bio)mechatronics technology
  • ultrasound measurement and diagnostics,
  • health telematics,
  • functional materials,
  • nanocomposites and thin-layer structures,
  • applied optics and photonics,
  • food science and technology,
  • functional polymer and silicate materials,
  • innovation and technology entrepreneurship,
  • educational and public management research

We invite you to get acquainted with the exclusive research, technologies and processes developed at the University here: https://niec.ktu.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/323/2018/11/e-review-of-Kaunas-university-of-technology-RDI-1.pdf