Stand No: 484

Kontakt.io simplifies enterprise IoT from device to end solution. Our best-in-class Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) hardware, gateways, and cloud middleware together form the “Infrastructure” – the cornerstone for thousands of location-based applications found today in every major industry vertical. In February, at the Mobile World Congress 2019, Kontakt.io will be releasing its next generation IoT Platform. As an end-to-end and hardware-agnostic IoT solution built on top of our robust Infrastructure, it will vastly reduce the complexity of current enterprise technologies and drive business outcomes.

By combining IoT, RTLS, and workflow management, the Platform will enable businesses to digitize their physical workflows and make them data-driven and transparent, thereby improving efficiency, reducing operating costs, and creating safer working environments. Since 2013, Kontakt.io has led the BLE market of IoT deploying over 1.5 million devices and supporting a loyal partner and customer base of over 20,000 globally. To learn more, visit www.kontakt.io.