Stand No: 222

LANARS is an international hardware & software company, founded in 2016 and having headquarters in Oslo (Norway), Dnipro (Ukraine), and Tbilisi (Georgia). We create the Internet of Things (No.1 IoT Provider — Goodfirms, top-3 IoT Providers in Europe — Clutch), mobile applications, websites, CRM & ERP systems, and custom enterprise solutions.

Among our hardware projects are a cutting-edge arm prosthesis, an intelligent doorbell for smart homes, a high-precision IIoT device for recording the slightest fluctuations in the composition of the production fluids, and other cases. Together with LANARS, businesses are welcome to work with a highly professional team of developers with a background in spacecraft engineering. Our R&D center is equipped with a modern laboratory for IoT & IIoT development.

Looking forward to seeing you!