Stand No: 437

M31 is group of innovators, engineers, creatives and visionaries that believes in pioneering technologies to improve life and to implement business. Our scope is to create value through engineering projects, embedded solutions development and portfolio ventures growth.

Built on years of experience in the developments of innovative solutions based on leading edge technologies, M31 is ready to support his partners from the early stage of design to mass production in tailoring products to their specific needs.

From complex hardware boards to miniaturized IoT devices, M31 firmware engineering team experience in the design, development, debug and deploy of firmware for microcontroller based boards without an OS and microprocessor based boards with either real time and non-real time Operating Systems (STM32, ATMEL, Microchip, NXP, Ti). Firmware activities cover the support for FPGA & Hardware Design validation and development of advanced kernel drivers in Linux or Windows.

Engaged either in fastest agile development sprints or in typical waterfall-model engineering projects, M31 Software team masters all major software development techniques and scopes. Ranging from Linux, Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX Desktop or Server applications, to iOS or Android Mobile Apps our engineers provide endless programming energy to our customer projects.

The demand for efficient and powerful Cloud infrastructures is increasing at tremendous pace. IoT ecosystems, massive flows of data, imperative business continuity today are given for granted. From simple Angular Web Applications to complex Kubernetes/Docker massively distributes infrastructures, M31 Cloud team masters all aspects of Cloudware development.

M31 mission is bringing the latest innovation technologies to its Customers and their Business. Our AI & Vision team specializes in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence algorithm design with special application to image analysis, feature detection and information extraction. Deep learning techniques allow the analysis of vast amounts of data to extract features and signals.