Małopolska Open Eyes Economy Hub
Stand No: 240

Małopolska Open Eyes Economy Hub is a project addressed to small and medium enterprises from Małopolska that operate in the area of intelligent specialisation of the region and want to grow through international expansion. It relies on the concept entitled BUSINESS-IDEA implemented within the Open Eyes Economy movement (OEES).

The Open Eyes Economy is an intellectual and implementation movement encouraging people to adopt a new open perspective of economy, calls for action, and develops alternative (as compared to previously applied) methods of understanding of economy based on values.

The International Congress of the Economy of Values, the Open Eyes Economy Summit (, is a summit we reach through numerous paths leading through various thematic areas and cities. We hold debates, seminars and conferences. The OEES is a melting pot of new ideas, a fusion of various horizons and a modern agora. It gathers and confronts the views of recognised politicians and social activists, scientists and students, journalists and artists. We confront points of views because we believe that nothing is more inspiring to thinking than discussion and the fusion of horizons.

OEES is perhaps the most creative congress in Poland. We organize it every year at ICE Congress Centre in Krakow with the help of inspiring people from the world of science, economics, culture or public administration. It is a great opportunity to listen live to extraordinary personalities and make new contacts.