Meduza Tech
Stand No: 292

Meduza High-Tech OU is Estonian based developer of ai-powered solutions for worksite safety. The company’s solutions do not require complex and costly integration, are easily adaptable and installed on any size and type of manufacture. The company’s mission is to develop plug-and-play solutions to prevent injuries and death of personnel on worksite, reduce non-productive time and costs associated with incidents. The company’s solutions work in a single technological pipeline to reduce all risk factors at construction sites and include: 1. Sensors and ip video cameras for analyzing personnel behavior and equipment operations. 2. Ai-cloud platform for real-time analysis of data stream from sensors and CCTV system. 3. The notifications system includes voice assistant at the production site, safety alerts on the cell phone and wearable devices of field personnel. 4. Dashboard for HSE managers with deep analytics and recommendations to improve safety management practices. Meduza Ai-Cloud platform can be integrated with the existing CCTV system and sensors to increase safety and get actionable HSE insights. The company is proud to work with the largest companies in Europe and Asia in such areas as: Construction, Energy, Industrial, Mining and more.