MeLway Consultancy

MeLway is “Your Long Way Partner” ….

It provides ‘360 degree marketing’, ‘Strategy’ and ‘Business Development Route Map’ on behalf of you, and thus provide concrete services to all your abstract questions, giving results and success oriented answers.

MeLway features the latest analysis and opinion on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence ecosystem and aims to connect anyone and everyone interested, invested or involved in the Turkey startup IoT and AI ecosystem with its international team.

Once putting on MeLway glasses, it does not use stereotyped solutions, it first adapts itself to all innovations within the digital world, then identifies itself with your brand, decides together, and goes through the action phase. Moreover, all these studies and services can be carried out efficiently wherever you are in the world. Thus, you are met with your goals at any given time.

As a MeLway Consultancy, we are ready to be your road companion to confidently take the first step to both realistic and unrealistic business world and to safely increase your existing pace making your efforts reach more people…