Stand No: 66

PROMAI innovation of engineering automation for error free production. PROMAI’s WizSuite technology is comprised of four components. The PROMAI multi patent pending platform, created with AI, was conceived in a radically different protocol. The solution begins with systematically aggregating and structuring engineering knowledge data of the desired product to be manufactured. It is only through the exact formation, integration and meticulous utilization of R & D and engineering data that a production process can be efficiently implemented.

PROMAI’s WizSuite four stage solution methodically and logically creates a manufacturing scheme from scratch for new product development and manufacture. Moreover, WizSuite has the capability to radically overhaul existing manufacturing processes with a thorough compilation and visual presentation of all data including parts, tools, instructions, procedures, certifications for each individual workstation and then outline and design the entire manufacturing line. A further objective of the PROMAI platform is for clients to have ability the standardize the production process in all their manufacturing plants worldwide. PROMAI’s platform has been designed to be fully agnostic to any corporate or industrial entity. WizSuite: Comprises a four-stage platform, each critical to providing technology for error free manufacturing. WizSuite automatically generates a complete and verifiable digital database for creating “engineering knowledge” formulating highly structured workstations, compares and verifies in real time the efficiency of the manufacturing process. The objective of the WizSuite platform is to optimize production for error free manufacturing, enhancing existing production first time yields up to 30%, reducing time up to 35% and cutting costs up to 40%.