Stand No: 483

ROBeau Ltd designs, builds and sells its own SMART WATER METERS. With our special connected flowmeters, you will change the way people use our most important resource on the earth = WATEROur connected devices give you the real-time measure of water consumption, for all water points in houses, hotels, smart buildings, enterprises, farms, cities and facilities.You receive real-time water consumption on phones, tablets, computers or even on specific devices.With Robeau, you finally raise awareness of people about protection of water. Because people could see real volume of water used when they open a tap.For example, for Hotels, Robeau delivers a strong communication campaign to explain how to reduce water consumption – as it is done for towels washes. just by showing the best practices to use water.It is a real mechanical flowmeter which allows you to take the right decisions when you use WATER – with our Computer software and application, you can also set up any alerts to know, for any water points in the buildings, if a tap is still opened, if there is an unusual flow or if there is a leak. You will have your real water consumption on all water points in the building, and you will have these measures consolidated by day, month, year.