ROTEC is a diversified industrial holding.

It specializes in servicing of gas and steam turbines, manufacturing and supply power generation equipment, engineering, construction and general contractor services.
ROTEC develops an IIoT-based prediction and diagnostics platform – PRANA. This system detects the development of defects 2-3 months prior to their detection by regular automated control systems. This allows reducing expenses on spare parts procurement by up to 30%, but what is most important — to shift from doing emergency to scheduled repairs.

The Company was established in 2010. The principal stockholder of ROTEC is Renova Group.

At present, ROTEC offers upgrading of international and Russian-made equipment now in operation thus increasing the energy and environmental efficiency and minimizing the production costs. ROTEC employs the top-ranked engineers and has all the production facilities needed for the maintenance of the turbines.

ROTEC participates in the high-tech projects executed by the Swiss holdings Sulzer and Oerlikon in the oil production and refining, (petroleum) chemistry, power engineering and other key branches of science and industry in Russia. ROTEC is a stable, successful and reliable partner utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and employing highly qualified personnel.