Stand No: 264

SenX is a software publisher and develops a modular open source platform called Warp 10 that collects, stores and allows you to analyze sensor data. Shaped for IoT with a flexible data model and integration with a large ecosystem, Warp 10 provides a unique and powerful analytics framework, and simplifies your processes from data collection to visualization.

Warp 10 is both a time series database (optional), and a powerful analytics environment, allowing to make: statistics, features extraction, data filtering, synchronization, pattern and anomaly detection, correlations, data cleansing, forecasting.

Warp 10 is available on the Edge, on any server or cluster, and on any cloud infrastructure. High performance, geo capabilities, security by design, and interoperability with external tools are the key advantages of Warp 10. Whatever your business, your data or your processes, Warp 10 fits your needs at any scale, and helps you reduce costs, increase revenue and improve customer experience.