Stand No: 705

Immediate IoT Infrastructure

Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Solution offers Immediate IoT Infrastructure to Communication Providers such as MNOs, MVNOs, Satellite Providers and Application Developers, allowing them to benefit from an ever-growing IoT market.

Our end-to-end solution enables quick delivery of own-branded IoT products and services in multi-national, multi-tier and multi-operator environments. This will allow end-customers to independently design, build, test and manage IoT solutions. Mobile Operators are also able to use specific components, using their own connectivity resources.

The platform’s layered architecture contains all necessary enablers to build, deploy and manage innovative IoT projects. This includes a full MVNO core network stack – together with business and customer support facilities, IoT applications development environments, a modern business portal and the corresponding APIs.

An important differentiator is our Pay-as-you-Grow model, this enables providers to quickly launch a complete IoT offering without high upfront investments.

Our engineering team is focused on AI, machine learning and predictive modelling, capabilities required to support the next generation of IoT applications.

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