Sithara IoT
Stand No: 289

With our product Sithara IoT, we would like to offer you ready-made and secure solutions to connect, control and monitor your Products!

User adoption of the product and financial success, depends greatly on the user experience with the product. Users don’t want to deal with details & complicated settings, they want easy-to-use smartphone and tablet apps that improve their lives, simplify, and show the data from the devices and interact quickly with the devices. The user wants to trust the app they have installed and ensure that their privacy is not compromised.

As a Smart Product manufacturer, if you would like to know how you can offer your user’s a great experience, and yet have reduced development times, reduced software maintenance, and reduced risk of locking-in on a particular connection technology or vendor, get in touch with the Sithara IoT team.

Sithara IoT products include ready-to-use mobile Apps available for both Bluetooth-enabled products and products with internet connectivity. It also includes a no-code, drag-and-drop Configurator that allows the product layout to be updated at any time. We also offer server setup with ready-to-use microservices; either on-premises or on a cloud of your choice.

Sithara IoT is a product of INCHSTONE GmbH, based in Austria.

Internet of Things integration is not a onetime act but a growing process for any product manufacturer. Sithara that translates as guiding star in Sanskrit aims at guiding the product manufacturer through this process now and in the future.

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