Stand No: 402

StethoMe is a startup that creates innovative solutions within the field of telemedicine. At the present moment, our primary product is a home, wireless stethoscope with a dedicated smartphone app. It can be used to auscultate a patient in home conditions, obtain the results and send them to a doctor. StethoMe® stethoscope has AI algorithms (StethoMe® AI). The AI algorithms detect the pathological sounds automatically, with accuracy greater than that of a human doctor, which makes it possible to monitor patients quicker and more efficiently and improve the diagnostic. StethoMe® is a unique solution that is currently at the stage of medical certification. It offers a doctor’s panel with visualisation of data, and characteristics calculated for both the lungs and the heart. StethoMe® stethoscope is the first medical diagnostic device of its kind – one that monitors the respiratory system in a precise but user-friendly way.