Stand No: 327

Syntho is a data technology organization with a strong expertise in AI generated synthetic data, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was founded in 2020 with the goal of solving the privacy dilemma and enable the open data economy, where data can be used and shared freely and privacy guaranteed. Syntho offers privacy-preserving synthetic data to unlock your data and take away legitimate privacy concerns. Our synthetic data is used as test data for software development and as training data to develop advanced analytics models.

Synthetic data? Yes, we develop AI-based software for synthetic data generation that can be applied on any form of structured data. After training, our Syntho Engine is able to generate new, ‘synthetic’ data. Key difference: we model the synthetic data with AI in such a way that it reproduces the statistical patterns and relationships from the original data. This is the essence of what we do – we generate a completely new, artificial data that reproduces the statistical characteristics of the original dataset, while warranting that no records from the original dataset are present. In other words, the synthetic dataset has no privacy risk, while maximizing data utility. This allows our customers to easily use and share data to boost innovation.