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Vemotion are specialists in Wireless Video transmission, encoding and streaming live video over low bitrate networks such as wireless GSM/GPRS and radio networks. A privately-owned U.K. company, Vemotion Interactive Ltd was established in 2004 and has been developing low bandwidth video solutions ever since.

Using our highly efficient and flexible encoding and streaming products, our customers can take advantage of Wireless Video transmission, capturing live video over any network, including mobile networks GPRS and 3G, Wireless 802.n networks, microwave links, satellite and broadband. Multiple users can then view those video feeds, simultaneously, from remote and mobile locations on laptops, PDAs, smart-phones.

The ability with Wireless Video transmission to capture live video and transmit from almost any location around the world without investing in costly infrastructure or equipment gives our customers very powerful and flexible capabilities.

Vemotion can offer software and hardware solutions that will allow customers to find the perfect fit for their Wireless Video transmission requirements leading to the most cost effective solutions.

The Vemotion solutions are fully integrated with the TeleWare Private Mobile Networks solutions enabling low bandwidth video over private GSM networks.