Stand No: 287

Wattio changes the way you interact with your home, as you can now control it from wherever you are, directly from your smartphone.

Wattio is a highly recommended smart home system, for being the most complete, secure and reliable solution.

The system consist in a user-friendly app and a series of devices that will inform you 24/7 about what is going on and home and it will allow you to react instantly from your phone. To do so, Wattio has devices in terms of energy consumption, heating control and security, to make it easier to save energy, control your heating and get to know what happens at home at any time and from wherever.

Wattio is complete, as it has a wide device catalogue, as it is all controllable from one user-friendly app, as it is compatible with many brands on IFTTT and as it involves a very efficient customer service.
Additionally, it works perfectly and the system has a great market recognition. It is completely reliable and very secure thanks to encrypted communications, a Linux mini-PC GATEWAY and a VPN connection to the cloud.

The greatest smart home option, supported by the market.