Stand No: 307

Waylay is a leading enterprise IT-OT digital unification software company delivering low-code based orchestration, automation and analytics software solutions. Making the digital transformation painless and allowing a seamless deployment from idea to working use case in just hours. Waylay has a passion for supporting citizen developer communities and ensuring it puts all valuable data to work for developers, data scientists and domain experts. The Waylay platform is a vertical agnostic solution which allows companies in all industries including heavy machinery, smart buildings, healthcare, utilities, telecoms and processing industries to optimize and streamline their business outcomes.

The Waylay low-code and no-code solutions endorse enterprises and startups to a higher innovation velocity and put the value of data in the hands of domain experts, data scientists, and corporate tiger teams to initiate new revenue streams and guarantee high ROI for IoT/OT & IT data, without going through lengthy software development cycles.