Alejandro de la Mata Chico brings unparalleled support and expertise to Airbus communities in Manufacturing Process Data Acquisition and Processing, playing a crucial role in the digital transformation of the Industry 4.0 era. With multidisciplinary knowledge and experience in Manufacturing Engineering, Maintenance, and Industrial IT, he excels in converting data into actionable insights.

In his role as Technology Specialist for the “Digital for Automation and Robotics” product family at Airbus, Alejandro specializes in:

  • Data acquisition techniques for manufacturing processes (sensors, IoT, edge computing)
  • Machine connectivity
  • Communication protocols
  • Data processing, modeling, and governance
  • Industrial cybersecurity

As the Product Owner of the AIRBUS Data Historian database,  Alejandro de la Mata Chico ensures the integrity and optimal utilization of critical manufacturing data. His contributions enable Airbus to achieve greater efficiency and innovation in its manufacturing processes.

Alejandro’s dedication to advancing industrial IoT and automation, coupled with his technical expertise, makes him a vital asset in driving the digital transformation within the aerospace industry