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As groundbreaking and revolutionary use cases like factory automation, autonomous driving, smart cities or eHealth emerge, ultra reliable and secure connectivity becomes a necessity. Although in its early days 5G networks are likely to support extreme mobile broadband, the market is expected to expand at a fast pace as the coverage improves. Soon, 5G will begin to deliver on its full promise: lower latency, higher speed and greater reliability. This bright future is closer than one might think and the journey can be advanced by unlocking the power of edge computing. Because processing is done close to users and devices, extreme low-latency applications will become a reality of today. Finally, for the agile introduction of 5G enabled services, there is a natural need for dynamic and flexible global connectivity.

In our session we would like to invite you to think together about the true business innovation potential of IoT in the 5G era and beyond.

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Ankur Bhan

Global Head of Nokia WING


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01:00PM - Day 1

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