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In the data management area, Event Stream Processing based architectures are becoming popular: they are efficient, performant, mature and, most importantly, the natural choice for a growing set of business scenarios (from any IOT based use cases to smart supply chain, from smart meters and energy consumption measuring to manufacturing lines monitoring and maintenance). The analyst community predicts that in the next few years to come, streaming oriented systems will become a standard for any company willing to develop data applications and successfully use A.I.

Technologies like Online Learning and Reinforcement Learning are topics very well connected to continuous computation of data streams. On the operational level though, there’s the need for a tool aimed to serve A.I. models in order to produce predictive and prescriptive analytics within the same workflow that starts with Data Integration. RNA (Radicalbit Natural Analytics) is such a tool, designed to facilitate operations around data application development over streaming oriented architectures.


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Michele Ridi



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02:00PM - Day 1

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