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Flexibility and interoperability in the field of IoT software is a paramount objective.  The mix of platforms, “things”, applications, intelligence, etc. which are connected in an IoT deployment is extensive and ever growing.  How do you create a software platform that connects to a variety of old & new, greenfield and brownfield devices and sensors, allows the incorporation of various edge analytics, communicates to a diverse set of  cloud and enterprise platforms like Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT Core, AWS IoT, etc.?  The solution, as exhibited in EdgeX Foundry (an open source, vendor neutral IoT platform hosted by the Linux Foundation), is to use a microservice architecture.  In this session, Keith will discuss how EdgeX Foundry works, how micro services can help, challenges (and lessons learned) that a microservices IoT architecture introduces and what must be addressed to include dealing with orchestration/deployment, security and additional communication latency.

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Janko Isidorovic


EdgeX Applications Working Group

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01:00PM - Day 2

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