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In the next 4 years, more than 50% of enterprise applications will be  IoT -enabled.

To make this digital transformation possible, enterprise networks can help solving two industry problems :

  • First and foremost, connected objects are insecure by design, since they can’t run any security software, and therefore open doors on networks.
  • Secondly, each IoT vendors has its own management platform. Enterprise IT cannot afford to manage such multiplicity of platforms.

Only simple, automated and secure network solutions can manage the scale of the problems as well as deliver analytics and features like the tracking of assets, quality of experience or home automation.

Associated Speakers:

Laurent Bouchoucha

Vice President Business Development, Network Business Division

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Associated Talks:

12:20PM - Day 1

View IoT enabled Digital Transformation

12:50PM - Day 2

View ON-DEMAND Panel: Enabling Digital Transformation through the IoT

12:10PM - Day 1

View VIRTUAL: IoT enabled Digital Transformation

01:20PM - Day 2

View Panel: Enabling Digital Transformation through the IoT

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