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While most of the IoT-Platforms and Tools on the market require coding expertise or extensive training to learn a new and often proprietary modelling environment, Cedalo’s new Streamsheet technology combines the flexibilty, interactivity and the user-friendliness of a browser-based Spreadsheet GUI with the power of a server-based IoT platform supporting MQTT, OPC UA, REST, Kafka and other Pub/Sub and Client/Server communication protocols. In the talk Cedalo Founder and CEO Kristian Raue demonstrates use-cases that show how business users and process owners analyse, visualize, simulate and control IoT data and IoT processes using Cedalo’s innovative and easy-to-use Streamsheet Technology.

Associated Speakers:

Kristian Raue



Associated Talks:

10:50AM - Day 2

View IoT Innovation: Streamsheets, Build IoT-based Apps & Microservices like professional programmers just by using your Spreadsheet skills

11:20AM - Day 1

View IoT Innovation: Streamsheets – A visual and interactive IoT Platform for the None-Programming Business User

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