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The buzz about Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is deafening. Predictions abound that these will power a massive shift in the roles that computers play in our personal and professional lives: enabling automated driving functionality, predicting maintenance of industrial equipment, delivering intelligent home health care systems and robots, and more.  But, to get there, teams must combine specialized knowledge, domain expertise, and business objectives while navigating through numerous choices – security, communication, data acquisition and preparation, algorithms, processors, architectural allocation, and more. Simulation can help them to keep their eye on the application, enable reuse while exploring trade-offs, and create the game-changing value for their organization. In this keynote, Mohamed Anas looks at the exciting opportunities and practical challenges of building AI into our systems and services, from prototyping to production while targeting edge nodes to cloud, using simulation as an enabler.

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Dr. Mohamed Anas

Engineering Manager


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10:30AM - Day 1

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