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  • Discussions around the diversity of IIoT applications and their requirements, introduces a paradigm shift for connectivity solution and new business models to enable new ways of working and new services.
  • How businesses are using de-centralized, autonomous device networks enable fast and efficient deployment of large-scale industrial IoT
  • The role of Ultra-low-power wireless technologies for the industrial internet of things both infrastructure-less networks such as wireless M-Bus, EnOcean, KNX wireless and infrastructured IoT networks such as Sigfox
  • The seamless integration of standards into the IoT – moving from proprietary solutions to standards allows for interoperability along the entire supply chain.

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James Nesfield



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01:20PM - Day 2

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John Madden

Senior Representative/Chief Technologist, Advanced Applications Business

MESA/Schneider Electric

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Professor Maarten Weyn

Associate Professor

University of Antwerp/DASH7 Alliance

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