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This talk will focus on next generation internet from three main perspectives:

1. Infrastructure –  needs to be balanced between capabilities in the Cloud (data-lakes and AI) and edge (5G), between intricate and complex semi-autonomous to autonomous self-healing systems and local repairablity to ensure urban resilience.  Infrastructure should support services.

2. Services – A service is any operation that supports either machines or people in their wellbeing and abilities to build a meaningful and cooperative existence. This thus entails the entire trajectory from BAN- to VWAN; BAN (body, wearables), LAN (home, smart services to the home), WAN (mobility in general from bike to connected car and plane), and VWAN (the very wide area network; the smart city). Blockchain as well as connectivity itself have become commodities and are thus services in this view.  Services should support everyday activities.

3. Entitlements – synchronous and fixed identities cannot support services in a hybrid infrastructure. A balance between anonymity (in federated sets of identities that are tied to services such as shopping, dating, recovering from illness….) and accountability (in stable sets of relationships of behavior and activity) for processes, machines, products and people in wallets, is vital to create popular support from all generations for a new type of governance.  Entitlements should support services.

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Rob van Kranenburg


IOT Council

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12:30PM - Day 1

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