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Ballard Power Systems makes use of AVEVA Insight to improve the performance of its fuel cells and grow the business. This presentation shows what AVEVA Insight can do for you.

In thirty entertaining minutes Eric van Nispen – General Manager of Wonderware Benelux – explains for what purposes and reasons Ballard Power Systems selected AVEVA Insight.

This technology driven Canadian company makes a great future friendly product that is used worldwide in busses and heavy transport vehicles. Ballard started with Wonderware – on premise – almost two decades ago and it was time for the next step. AVEVA Insight, the scalable and reliable cloud based solution, helps Ballard to connect the world and collect real-time data for R&D purposes to improve its products and grow its market share.

Every fuel cell of Ballard is an Industrial Internet of Thing device in itself with its own Linux based controller. AVEVA Insight – previously Wonderware Online Insight – has enabled Ballard to rapidly and securely implement a cloud based approach to monitor the fuel cell products in operation globally. Real-time data and insights combined with analytical capabilities. A closed loop system that enables Ballard to visualize and analyse fuel cell performance across their entire operational fleet.

Ballard gathers this data for two years now, so they have built up an enormous historian for R&D and that is the basis for further development and continuous improvement. Eric van Nispen combines this Canadian success story with some regional cases.

In the old days a presentation like this always ended with a roadmap, but the cloud based solution makes it possible to come with new functionality on a monthly basis.

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Eric van Nispen

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