Day 2 - 20 June 2019


Connected Enterprise: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Comments

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Joining the dots from edge to enterprise with data driven intelligent supply chain

As the hype around the Internet of Things, cloud and ‘analytics’ grows listen to how the number 1 advanced analytics provider outlines how to drive greater value in business focusing on how the supply chain and how this has grown beyond the enterprise linking how you make, move, sell and service your products in a modern world.

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Panel: End to End Supply Chain Solutions

  • Evaluating different approaches to managing the entire supply chain using IoT – from raw materials to warehousing and last mile deliveries.
  • Discussion of the benefits of end-to-end data sharing between stakeholders along the supply chain – linking ERP systems to front end CRM to creat dynamic business models that react to customer demand.
  • Visions for the future – what role will blockchain and smart contracts play?
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Networking Break


IoT Security in Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Factories and Warehouses which were once stand-alone secure parts are now becoming more and more connected, and hackers are increasing in sophistication, therefore new attack vulnerabilities are emerging. What are the best ways to minimise vulnerabilities within the industrial IoT stack?

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Panel: Logistics and fleet management

  • Business without borders – owing to the nature of logistics, a huge consideration of this is having an effective connectivity network to enable this enhanced technology.
  • delays in routing and loading can also hit margins hard – and the ever-increasing complexity of supply chain management is turning the pressure up even higher
  • Small insights that make big differences, data that can analyse driver behaviour, Fuel efficiency and predictive maintenance.
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IoT and remote container management

By outfitting fleets with smart technology, logistics companies are reducing risk within customer supply chains and saving billions of dollars whilst representing the cutting edge of technology and innovation in shipping.

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Networking Lunch


Panel: How Industrial IoT is reworking more traditional manufacturing business models

  • Looking at the way in which IoT-enabled smart manufacturing can provide visibility of resources, assets, processes, for enhanced productivity and better ROI.
  • Process Automation – moving beyond IoT to intelligent objects.
  • In addition to the IoT, this discussion will look at the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and Virtual Reality (VR) on manufacturing.
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How will emerging technologies improve architecture and design to deliver high business value?

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Asset Tracking 2.0

Are technologies previously used for asset tracking and management such as RFID, NFC becoming obsolete as the need for more intelligent connected systems emerges?  What are the options for asset tracking using other options such as visual processing by wearables?  How have advances in connectivity such as Bluetooth Mesh networks and LoRaWan impacted on next generation asset tracking and inventory management? Discussing the need for real time feedback on assets.

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Panel: Connectivity for M2M devices

  • Discussions around the diversity of IIoT applications and their requirements, introduces a paradigm shift for connectivity solution and new business models to enable new ways of working and new services.
  • The seamless integration of standards into the IoT – moving from proprietary solutions to standards allows for interoperability along the entire supply chain.
  • How businesses are using de-centralized, autonomous device networks enable fast and efficient deployment of large-scale industrial IoT
  • The role of Ultra-low-power wireless technologies for the enterprise-focused internet of things
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