Day 1 - 26 September 2023



Accelerating the IoT & Edge Computing: Chairpersons Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 



Digital Acceleration through the IoT

  • Prioritising the focus – utilising technologies to offer new services.   
  • A new approach to the business through data-guided changes.   
  • Adopting Society 5.0 and the new strategies here. 



Keynote Presentation: IoT Data Handling

  • Real-time decision making through IoT sensors.  
  • Contextualising the data correctly – ensuring you are reading and actioning the correct response.  



Presentation: Innovative Application Development

  • The key focus when developing – security, privacy, compatibility and connectivity.  
  • Ready for the market – where to look for investment and funding opportunities. 


Networking Break



Building Automation, the Infrastructures of Tomorrow

  • Current building automation capabilities.  
  • Securing smart infrastructures – what key steps need to be taken to help create a robust cyber strategy?  
  • What are the current standards and protocols to help create an interoperable infrastructure? 
  • What new services will arise from AI, ML and 5G-optimised infrastructures? 



Presentation: Working on the Edge for Optimum Response

  • Edge processing for optimum IoT deployments – how this resolves latency and connectivity barriers.    
  • The advantages of running on quicker response rates through a de-centralised system.   
  • Examples of Edge technologies at work. 



Presentation: Digitalizing Legacy Infrastructures

  • Ideas on where to start – what needs to be implemented early on in the process of digitising infrastructures? 
  • The advantages of being able to create localised infrastructures. 
  • Edge technologies enabling interconnectivity for truly optimised infrastructures. 



Presentation: The Cognitive City

  • The future of the cognitive city with AI and IoT sensors.  
  • Utilising edge and 5G capabilities for immediate response connectivity.  
  • IoT’s role in building a sustainable infrastructure. 


Networking Break



Presentation: The State of Edge in 2023

  • ‘The Roadmap to Edge’, what happened in 2022 and where are we now? 
  • The edge computing landscape is evolving fast. How can enterprises best prepare to ride the upcoming trends? 



Presentation: The Economics of Edge – How to Ensure a Cost-Effective Transformation

  • Edge-enabled enterprise transformation has the potential to accelerate delivery value, and reduce operational costs to ensure efficiency. 
  • How to evaluate edge performance to ensure it is a worthwhile investment for your organisation. 
  • The ongoing chicken and egg debate: Can we afford to wait for monetizable applications before making the investment needed to scale up edge infrastructure? 
  • Do the benefits of Edge outweigh the high financial cost of accelerating its deployment? 
  • To what extent do private cellular networks offer the solution to scale up the edge in strategic and commercial locations? 
  • Will the footprint of Edge infrastructure naturally grow in line with the deployment of 5G networks?   


Networking Break



Panel: The Evolution of Edge – Where Do We Go Next?

  • Future roadmap toward widespread adoption of intelligent Edge. 
  • The possibilities created by fast and local critical decision making. 
  • Predictions for the next round of innovations within the space – where will Edge be by 2025? 



Presentation: Edge Compute in Robotics and Computer Vision

  • Why is Edge Computing essential to computer vision operations? 
  • Computer Vision on Edge Vs. Cloud 
  • Edge Robotics – are we ready?  



Presentation: The Intersection of Edge Computing and Digital Twin

  • Reviewing Digital Twin Enablers – what is needed in your toolkit? 
  • What are the opportunities and risks with these technologies? 
  • Case Studies discussed.  


End of Day